Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Going Virtually Back To School: Home Learning Environment

 This is a new day for parents, students, and teachers. We are all beginning our school year in our homes and on our devices, phones, laptops, or tablets. While the comforts of home are always wonderful, students need to be in an environment that will be conducive to their virtual learning experience. Here are tips from a few teacher bloggers to make online learning from home a success! 


Boost learning at home by setting up a brand new space for your child that will help them feel focused and comfortable with these organization tips and homeschool room ideas.

By Michelle Crouch 
July 10, 2020

How to Create an At-Home Learning Space for Your Child

Believe it or not, a dedicated home learning space can help develop your child’s creativity, sharpen their focus, and increase their motivation to read and learn. Although you do not have the same square footage as a school, with just a little bit of money and creativity you can easily create an impactful learning space!

Creating a Student Workspace or Classroom in Your Home

Creating a safe and comfortable space, free of distractions is guaranteed to help our students adjust and have a successful online learning experiences.
~Ms. Sanders